What We Do

Since 2014, Dietliciouss has had one goal: to give people healthy option that’s as delicious as it is easy to prepare. Our chefs have crafted this unique range of super tasty meals, cooked to perfection then snap frozen to seal in all the goodness, specially for busy people like you and help you live a healthy lifestyle.

They’re unique dishes full of gourmet flavours and fresh ingredients, cooked and vacuum seal in a traditional microwave meal tray, for freshness you can see and taste.

We also prepare fresh, healthiest meal available at our store at Wangsa Walk Mall.


Our Mission

Here at Dietliciouss our mission is to take out the hassle, the frustrations and the high cost of eating healthily.

Our proteins consist of eggs, salmon, tilapia, chicken breast, salmon, deer meat and lean ground beef.

Our carbohydrates are low glycemic, so they won’t spike your blood sugar and result in fat storage. By using carbohydrates like quinoa, brown rice, veggies/whole wheat pasta and sweet potatoes, the absorption process is slowed, so you feel fuller, longer, and you provide your body with a steady stream of healthy calories,

There are no preservatives, additives or genetically modified anything here. Just fresh, natural ingredients, imagination and epicurean expertise.

We cater to men, women even kids in fair to excellent physical shape. Individuals who are familiar with eating clean and maintaining a high protein diet will find our meal service to be an excellent fit. We serve professional competitors, fitness models and trainers, and fitness oriented individuals in general. Our healthy foods are delicious to even the most discerning pallet, but  our primary mission is to generate results for our full time clients.