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Weight Loss – 1 Meal Per Day/6 Meals


We freshly prepare calorie controlled meals and deliver them to you. They are prepared using a variety of ingredients and help you with your weight loss goals.

1) Carbohidrat Set One *

1st Meal (100g)

Protein Set One *

1st Meal (150g)

Veggies Set One

1st Meal (1 Portion)

2) Carbohidrat Set Two *

2nd Meal (100g)

Protein Set Two *

2nd Meal (150g)

Veggies Set Two *

2nd Meal (1 Portion)

3) Carbohidrat Set Three *

3rd Meal (100g)

Protein Set Three *

3rd Meal (150g)

Veggies Set Three *

3rd Meal (1 Portion)

4) Carbohidrat Set Four *

4th Meal (100g)

Protein Set Four *

4th Meal (150g)

Veggies Set Four *

4th Meal (1 Portion)

5) Carbohidrat Set Five *

5th Meal (100g)

Protein Set Five *

5th Meal (150g)

Veggies Set Five *

5th Meal (1 Portion)

6) Caborhidrat Set 6 *

6th Meal (100g)

Protein Set 6 *

6th Meal (150g)

Veggies Set 6 *

6th Meal (1 Portion)

7) Add On


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